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Calserv offers a low cost ice-point calibration bath

Calserv offers calibration of Specials

Calserv offers averaging probe calibration

Calserv can offer UKAS calibration down to -90°C and at -196°C

Calserv offers IRTD KAYE probe calibration

























Calserv is technically one of the best temperature calibration laboratories in the World and our customers are leaders in their fields. We offer customer service to the highest standards, we believe that excellent communication is essential.

We calibrate a wide range of calibration equipment from manufacturers including: ASL, Cropico, Hart Scientific, Isotech. Ametek-Jofra, Kaye, Labfacility, Techne, Tinsley,etc. Please see our list of services below:


    Calibration Services

    • Electronic thermometers with sensors ie Kaye probes
    • Platinum resistance thermometers PRT & SPRTS
    • Metal Block bath calibrators and portable liquid baths
    • Thermocouples - base metal ie J,T,K,N,E,L,U
    • Thermocouples - noble metal ie R,S,B,G,U
    • Digital Temperature indicators
    • Electrical calibration of temperature indicators, controllers and recorders for the following sensors:
      • Noble Metal Thermocouples
      • Base Metal Thermocouples
      • Resistance Sensors
    • Electrical calibration of Temperature Simulators for:
      • Noble Metal Thermocouples
      • Base Metal Thermocouples
      • Resistance Sensors

    The range of products that we calibrate includes those listed below but this is by no means exhaustive so please contact us with your requirements or to learn more about our range of temperatures for a particular product click on UKAS schedule:

    Calserv now has UKAS accreditation for Fixed-Point calibrations over the range Mercury (-38.8344 °C) to Aluminium (660.323 °C) with uncertainties as low as 0.0016 °C.
Every calibration completed by us will receive:
  • An informed statement of the performance of your instrument
  • Calibration certificate that will contain in clear terms the precise calibration that was carried out.
  • Full details of your results.
  • Customers calibration histories are kept and analsyed for any significant drift in instrument performance

Every piece of work is treated individually - if you are not sure what you need please phone us and we will take the time to advise you. As an independent lab we can offer an impartial assessment of the temperature equipment currently available that will best suit your needs. If you have a temperature related issue please call or email Calserv and we will be happy to help you.








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