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Calserv offers a low cost ice-point calibration bath

Calserv offers calibration of Specials

Calserv offers averaging probe calibration

Calserv can offer UKAS calibration down to -90°C and at -196°C

Calserv offers IRTD KAYE probe calibration
























New Developments


Calserv has recently written an article for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer magazine, on how to choose the right temperature logger for your business. Click here to read the article.

Calserv is a leader in developing calibration methods, customer support systems and equipment. Our recent calibration developments are:

Liquid Nitrogen Accreditation

Calserv is pleased to announce that it has now received Liquid Nitrogen Accreditation from UKAS. The CMC is ±0.007 °C. Calserv invites you to contact them for all your Liquid Nitrogen calibration requirements from specialist one-offs to bulk calibrations.

Low-cost all day Ice-Point calibration bath

Contact Calserv for details of their Icero (patent applied for) ice point calibration bath that has a CMC with pure water of ±0.005 °C. This bath is used all day, every day by Calserv as one of their laboratory standards and is recommended as a low cost, minimal maintenance and reliable reference unit.

Further Developments

•  True traceable surface temperature calibrations.

•  On-site calibration covering the thermal range of -80 °C to 1200 °C, oven and furnace surveys with up to 30 sensing positions at one time and calibration by simulation to very small uncertainties.

•  Technical Interface Support (TIS) that uses our knowledge of innovations in the temperature world to solve customers' on-site or laboratory problems.

•  A 'self teach' industrial temperature course that is simple to follow and comes as low cost modules on CD with tutor support

Recent work has involved:

•  Investigating why the results of a technical audit made a laboratory appear to be calibrating incorrectly and resolving the anomalies.

•  Sourcing a special thermocouple cable to survey an oven.

•  Designing and making a new fluidised calibration furnace.








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